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Defend Against Known Application Vulnerabilities

To scan for known application vulnerabilities is the first step to take in order to protect a web application such as SQL injection and Cross-site Scripting, etc. Since it is usually much harder to find these attacks than to fix them, developers should be educated about best security practices, a security policy should be defined, and security standards should be enforced in fight against web security vulnerabilities.

SafeSAI is an effective solution to web application security which promptly discover known vulnerabilities. SafeSAI can scan any website or web application, even the ones built with HTML5 and JavaScript Single Page Applications (SPAs).

Defend Your Entire Attack Surface

Security vulnerabilities can be in the frontend, the backend, and even within server configurations of a web application, and threats can be from anywhere, even third-party code

With built-in support for exporting discovered vulnerabilities to the most popular security tools such as web application firewalls, you can take automated testing even further. Virtually patching the vulnerabilities in production will give you enough breathing room to fully and carefully undergo remediation.

Visualize your scan results in the Dashboard

The Dashboard allows you to have a quick overview of your scan results. It is a good place to see your scan activity, a graphical summary of the discovered vulnerabilities and the list of your latest scans.

Detailed reports

We strive to make the reports as friendly and human-readable as possible. Each tool report starts with a graphical summary of the results and continues with the Findings section. Here you can find details about each uncovered vulnerability, including description, evidence, risk and recommendations for fixing it.

Scan multiple targets at once

You can also select multiple targets that you want to scan and run a scanner against them. This will start a separate scan for each target and you will see them in the Scans view.

Keep a history of your scans and compare them over time

Having a history of your scans allows you to see how the security of your targets has evolved in time. You can compare old results with new ones and see what has changed.

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