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Defend Against Known Application Vulnerabilities

To start protecting a web application, the first thing we need to do is to scan known vulnerabilities and common vulnerabilities. For example: SQL injection attacks, Cross-site scripting... After detection, the vulnerability will be patched with many different measures. However, patching is much easier than finding them, the original cause still comes from people, education and knowledge of the development team is still a top priority for avoid security vulnerabilities

SafeSAI is a product designed to detect web application security by automatically scanning, helping you quickly discover known vulnerabilities. SafeSAI can be implemented in all web application from a build of JavaScript Single Page Applications (SPAs).

Defend Your Entire Attack Surface

Web applications have many threats, but the attack surfaces that hackers can exploit, turn to user interface (frontend), management interface (backend), source code provided by 3rd party or configuration of the web server.

Scan vulnerabilities automatically

Automatically perform external security scan such as a white hat hacker to help detect security vulnerabilities early

Scan professionally from experts

Support patching vulnerabilities from security experts

Website monitoring 24/7

Monitoring the website is stable or unstable, whether it is slow or stops serving, gives a warning to the administrator

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