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Quickly detect and fix security vulnerabilities to help your business ward off cyber attacks.


How it works?

Automatically provide security tests for websites to assess the security status, thereby making appropriate recommendations for administrators to overcome weaknesses to avoid network security risks.

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Cyber security for everyone

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Website protection
for all business

With the era of technological development, most businesses need to use the website to promote brands or conduct commercial activities, exchange information.

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Simple interface, easy to use


Statistics general information about the security situation of your website, including: the total number of reviews, the number of vulnerabilities detected, the chart expressed by month, ...


Initializing the scan is also very simple, you just need to fill in the address of the website to scan and configure the scan according to the instructions and then press start.

After initialization, the system will perform the autocompletion, we will notify you as soon as the scan is completed.


Detailed report on the security status of the website. Each detected security flaws will be marked with a danger level and described in detail additional information such as location of errors, recommendations for remediation.


Smart monitoring function helps to regularly check your website activity, alert you when your website goes down.

SafeSAI is the best solution

for any business has website


We are committed to giving you the best value

Professionalize services

The enterprise's use of a security solution shows its professionalism and dedication in protecting customer data, which not only brings the customer experience and friendly look, but also makes a difference. compared to the competition

Cost saving

Solutions developed on cloud platforms will help minimize costs for software deployed in your system.

Risk reduction

Early detection of security holes and early repairs will cost far less than the cost of dealing with the consequences of a business attack.

Rest assured operating the business

Focus on running your company without having to worry about cyber security risks.

Outstanding technology

Integrating many high quality security technologies

DeepScan technology helps to scan every corner of the website, combining big data to detect information leaks. The continuous alert system ensures 24/7 monitoring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need to use the product?

How will this product help your business?

You may not know, hackers not only attack websites to steal data but also perform other dangerous acts such as taking advantage of the server to take over other attacks, for example, spreading code. malicious or DDOS attack, ... If your website is being used to make such attacks, it will be underestimated by search systems such as Google, Bing, ... and even listed. Blacklist, this greatly affects your business
Security is an ongoing process that goes hand in hand with the development of the business, so you should apply security solutions even if you have never had a security problem, because the problem may be happen at any time that the business cannot foresee.
Today, attackers tend to attack simple but widespread security vulnerabilities by scanning all websites on the internet, leaving an malicious code to serve after the attack. for other attacks but does not affect the operation of the web so it is difficult for administrators to identify and detect

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