What is SafeSAI?

SafeSAI provides a cloud-based security platform to conduct security assessments of their website to help the customers to detect vulnerabilities in application, fix them and reduce the damages

Why was SafeSAI born?

There are lots of websites created every day, but at the same time the risk of attack is very high.

What businesses and individuals need now is a solution available to help detect vulnerabilities that exist in the application, help them overcome before the bad guys can take advantage to attack their products



SafeSAI has started operation since August 25, 2018 and until now, it has

50 domain names

The number of target website has scanned

15 times

The number of automatic scanning has performed

+ 23 vulnerabilities

Total number of vulnerabilities has detected through scanning

*Information updates intermittently.


Scan vulnerabilities automatically

By simplifying the security scan automatically, after receiving the website address, SafeSAI will send to the server immediately to perform a scan and help the administrators get the report quickly



Website monitoring 24/7

We monitor your site around the clock to verify that your site works, by automatically testing it from many locations globally.

Scan professionally from experts

In addition to automatically scanning, SafeSAI also associates users with security experts to scan manual, which will help to increase the reliability and comprehensiveness of the scanning process



Cost saving

SafeSAI provides a tool as a cloud-based service, which will be cost-effective compared to buying other software or hiring experts.

Total Protection

With a regular checkout mechanism, SafeSAI will send you monthly reports on the security situation on your website/application. By automating the steps, you will easily and quickly conduct a thorough review of your security.

Early Recognized Risk

The review process takes only a short period of time to produce results, which help you detect any remaining gaps in time to make early plans to protect and overcome. You can audit your websites/applications anywhere, anytime to prevent cyber-attack in the future.

Up-to-date Security Vulnerabilities Database

SafeSAI is continuously updated with new security vulnerabilities, which ensures that the review process is smooth and minimizes data loss.