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Scan for critical security vulnerabilities quickly and accurately to prevent attacks on web applications

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Scan website in 3 steps

Add website address

Enter the website address to scan and select the appropriate security scanning package

Verify ownership

Follow the instructions to verify you are the owner of the website


- Confirm information and conduct automatic scanning. At the end of the scanning process, the results will be sent to the customer via email.

Breaking solutions

SafeSAI uses hi-tech solutions to get the most accurate scan results

Cost saving

The solution developed on the cloud platform helps minimize the cost of deploying softwares on your system.

Total Protection

SafeSAI automates security scan processes, and simulates operations that a hacker does to detect website vulnerabilities. After detection, a team of consultants will fix the vulnerabilities to eliminate the critical ones and to ensure that the website is safe to run.

Early risk recognition

Cyber space is increasingly dangerous with more and more attacks especially on websites. Early detection and recovery of security vulnerabilities will help your business operate safely, brings about high internal performance, and gain trust in the eyes of your customers.

Up-to-date security vulnerabilities database

Our team of experts constantly update the security vulnerabilities database, and continuously upgrade SafeSAI so that it can be detect the vulnerabilities more promptly and effectively.

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