Vulnerabilities assessments of website application

Scan quickly to detect vulnerabilities early and plan for protection and remediation. You will receive 80% of the results as the expert's result with the cost of 1/10 only.

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Scan easily security with just 3 steps


Enter the target website address and select the scanning security package. There are two automatic scan options: Trial or 1-Time and Starter/Pro package.


Check billing information and select a payment method. You can recharge your balance and use directly or pay online via the third party in the option.

Scan and Remediate

Confirm registration information and conduct automatically scanning. At the end of the scanning process, the results will be sent via email to customers understand.

Top 1 world class solution

You will receive 80% of the results as the expert's result with the cost of 1/10 only.

Cost saving

SafeSAI provides a tool as a cloud-based service, which will be cost-effective compared to buying other software or hiring experts.

Total Protection

With a regular checkout mechanism, SafeSAI will send you monthly reports on the security situation on your website/application. By automating the steps, you will easily and quickly conduct a thorough review of your security.

Early Recognized Risk

The review process takes only a short period of time to produce results, which help you detect any remaining gaps in time to make early plans to protect and overcome. You can audit your websites/applications anywhere, anytime to prevent cyber-attack in the future.

Up-to-date Security Vulnerabilities Database

SafeSAI is continuously updated with new security vulnerabilities, which ensures that the review process is smooth and minimizes data loss.

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You can audit your app everywhere at anytime with SafeSAI to prevent cyber-attack in the future

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